The Five Waterfalls of La Paz Waterfall Gardens

The Most Famous Waterfalls In Costa Rica

As you wander the trails of La Paz Waterfall Gardens your senses will delight at the Five Waterfalls that line the trail. The La Paz Waterfall is the Most Famous Waterfall in Costa Rica where visitors often stop on the road to take photos on their way to Arenal, but the most stunning falls are above the La Paz Waterfall along a steep canyon accessed by our easy hiking trails. The natural beauty of the mixed Cloud and Rainforest along the La Paz River makes these Five Waterfalls the most scenic in the country. Our waterfalls are accesible via paved trails and steps with hand railings, and you mostly descend the stairs so most ages and abilities can manage the walk.

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Height: 26m (85ft)


Height: 20m (65ft)

Magia Blanca

Height: 37m (120ft)


Height: 5m (15ft)

La Paz

Height: 34m (110ft)

Trail Map